Moritz Petersen


This website is built without JavaScript, cookies, tracking, ads or PHP. It uses a website builder that generates efficient, static HTML pages. All photos and fonts are hosted on this site and no third parties are involved.

As a software architect, I believe that the internet should be open and free. Websites should be efficient in order to give users the best experience and also save energy to protect the climate. Static HTML pages are the best way to deliver this. By not using any dynamically created content or JavaScript on the client, this website consumes minimal energy.

Besides being a software architect at Adobe, I am a passionate photographer and this website is intended to show my portfolio, which ranges from landscape, over architecture to street and travel photography. If you want to learn more about me, you can visit my Linkedin, StackOverflow or GitHub profiles.


Moritz Petersen
+49 40 20934609
contact [at] moritzpetersen [dot] de